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Photo Recovery

Depending on the way in which your device has formatted the digital images, there are many reasons why the photos may fail to load, even if your device is working properly. External factors can also cause photo loss or failure.

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Hard Drive Recovery

A hard drive, also referred to as a hard disk drive (HDD) is a high-capacity storage device that functions as a self-contained unit. It contains a hard disk inside, along with a read-write mechanism and is capable of performing high-level storage abilities.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive not functioning like it should? Not a problem. Data Recovery 47 can recover hard drives that have been damaged for any reason, including, but not limited to, mechanical failure, electrical failure, software corruption, and human error.

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MAC Recovery

Mac or other Apple device not working as it should? At Data Recovery 47, our team of knowledgeable restoration experts is trained to perform a Mac recovery or recovery on any other type of Apple device. While these devices are wired in their own unique way

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What sets Data Recovery 47 apart from other industry services? It’s simple. Everything sets us apart. Our professional team of experts stands at the top of the industry in expertise and results. Impeccable customer service ensures a pleasant and smooth experience throughout your retrieval process. State of the art technology and a certified Cleanroom keeps our standards high and our results unparalleled. Fast and efficient turnaround time, combined with a convenient 24/7 phone line, means that we are never too busy to take your call and you will never have to wait for your device to be returned. No success, no pay. Our “Pay for Success” program ensures that you only pay if we successfully get your data back. How’s that for a confident guarantee?

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