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Effects Data Loss Has on Your Business

Losing data from your personal computer is bad enough, but when you lose valuable information from your business, then it can be real problematic. Whether you lose that big presentation, accounts from the company, or worse, the private information of your customers and clien

Music Recovery

My life outside of work is my band RKCB, which I formed with a few friends about eight years ago. We have practiced non-stop it seems, playing gigs when and where we can. We also recorded several original songs that we were going to put on a demo tape to send out to differen

5 of the Most Common Ways to Lose Data

There are many ways that the data or information can be lost from your computer, laptop, external drive, mobile device, and other storage areas. It always pays to backup your data on a separate source, such as a cloud storage system, but also to have data recovery software a

The Trick to Recovering Deleted Files

It happens to the most careful of people, accidentally deleting important files. It’s always a good idea to back up your files on another device, such as a flash drive or backup hard drive so that an accidental deletion means you still have them available. This is becaus

Dont Know What File System You Should Use for You’re USB Drive?

What File System Should I Use for My USB Drive? \It’s not easy storing your music and videos on a storage system so that it can be used on all your devices. USB drives are a common way to store and transport the files you want to use on computers, laptops, and mobile d

File Corruption Recovery

Unfortunately, it is all too common for someone to record valuable videos or take photographs of events only to lose them without ever backing up the information on a PC, cloud, or other storage system. Once you have completed videotaping, photographing, or audio recording s

Freelance Photographers Nightmare

Hello, I am a freelance photographer and over the past several years I’ve managed to build up a nice business taking photos of weddings, graduations, special events, and even building up a collection of stock photographs. Over the years, I have come to rely on computers

SSD versus HDD: Benefits of a Solid State Drive

If you are considering choosing hard drive disks (HDD) or solid state disks (SSD), there are important differences that you need to know before making your selection. While HDD has been around for decades and is proven technology, it does have issues that cause many to be co

How to Recover Mac Hard Drive

A Mac drive that fails can be a difficult beast to recover data, unless it has the Time Machine backup application that keeps exact copies of files from the internal systems. However, while the Time Machine application is efficient, it is not foolproof which means you may ne

Data Recovery Columbia PHD Student

It’s amazing how often all of us take the devices we use every day for granted. I can say that my laptop was one of them as I used it daily for school and leisure activities. I was a student at Columbia University not long ago when I was completing my PhD dissertation. It