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Effects Data Loss Has on Your Business

Losing data from your personal computer is bad enough, but when you lose valuable information from your business, then it can be real problematic. Whether you lose that big presentation, accounts from the company, or worse, the private information of your customers and clients, this means big trouble for your business.
You can probably imagine walking into work, opening your computer, and being locked out because of a virus. Or, if a fire or other disaster damaged the computers along with the external hard drives you used for backup purposes. Consider the cost of losing all that valuable information in terms of the time and expense it would take to get it back. In some cases, it might never be replaced, and your business would be in serious trouble.
Another issue is proper security. You can lose information from malware or a virus that destroys your computer’s storage system. Worse, if that information is your customer’s private information such as credit card numbers, they might be stolen and used to drain their bank accounts and put you in even more trouble. This is why having excellent security software and oversight is so important for your business. Make sure that it is updated frequently so that it protects against the latest types of viruses and malware which will help keep your information safe and secure.
Data Loss
Unfortunately, in most cases you will not be able to recover all the data that has been lost. Depending on the means by which the information was destroyed, you can expect at best to recover half or two-thirds which means that at least 33% will never be seen again. While you might be one of the lucky few that gets all the information back, unless you have the proper backup, it might be gone forever. After all, external hard drives used to store data do little good in backing up your computers if they were also destroyed in the same fire or suffer from the same computer virus or malware program.
Even if you had hard disc backups, it might take days to restore your business back to normal depending on the backup system involved. This assumes that you still have the machines available. One way around that is by using a Cloud backup system that lets you access the data immediately. Choosing this approach means that apart from replacing the computers, you can access your data quickly to restore your business back to normal.
While it is true that a Cloud backup system might be more vulnerable to viruses in the sense that it covers several backup systems at once, it is also far less vulnerable to loss. Because the cloud operates in different systems in different location, a fire or disruption in one storage center will not affect the other which means that your information is protected. So, if you want to ensure that your business stays running smooth, even when a major crash has occurred, then you will need to have a Cloud backup system in place.

The Trick to Recovering Deleted Files

It happens to the most careful of people, accidentally deleting important files. It’s always a good idea to back up your files on another device, such as a flash drive or backup hard drive so that an accidental deletion means you still have them available.
This is because deletion does not mean that that the files are gone for good. If your hard drive is intact and working properly, files that are deleted normally or by accident are still present on your computer. The good news is that you can recover most deleted files quickly and easily if you follow a few tips.
Recycle Bin
If you’ve moved the files to the recycle bin or trashcan, you can retrieve them before they become fully deleted. All you need to do is open the bin, locate the files, and drag them back to where you originally stored them on your computer.
File History Backup
Hopefully, you have switched on the File History Backup if you are running Windows 8 or a later version. This will automatically backup your files so they can be retrieved quickly. All you need to do is go to “Settings”, then “Control Panels”. Look for “Save backup copies of your files with File History” which should be located under “System and Security”.
You can select “Restore personal files” located on the left side of the window. You should see all your files that are being tracked and even check specific folders to see what is available.
Another thing to consider is if you have emailed the file to anyone. This means that the file might be present on email systems such as iCloud, SkyDrive, or Drobox. It’s possible to find a copy if you used one of these systems, so it’s best to check it out as you have nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain by finding the files in the email system.
If you do not have a backup system and the files needed are no longer in the Recycle Bin, your next move is to try one of the several free or inexpensive file retrieval programs on the market such as the following;
Pandora Recovery
Easy Undelete
Undelete 360
Disk Drill
Disk Drill is a tool that is used for partition loss, failed boot ups, reformatting of hard drive, and can recover accidental deletions as well. Recuva is another free program that lets you retrieve otherwise lost files due to accidental deletion. It can also help if the hard drive of a device crashes, but can be connected to your computer so that Recuva can get the files back.
If you have exhausted the free or inexpensive recovery options, your next step should be to visit a professional data recovery company. They will charge a fee for their services, but likely, they will be able to recover your files especially if they are from an otherwise intact computer or storage device. Their services are quick, precise, and offer a high percentage of getting back all your files.

Dont Know What File System You Should Use for You’re USB Drive?

What File System Should I Use for My USB Drive?

\It’s not easy storing your music and videos on a storage system so that it can be used on all your devices. USB drives are a common way to store and transport the files you want to use on computers, laptops, and mobile devices, but which file system works best?
Common File Systems
Many people may not be fully aware of the different file systems that exist for USB devices. The most common for Windows systems are FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT while iOS systems use HFS+ and EXT is designed for Linux systems. Of course, there are other systems that are available, so you will need to choose the one best suited for your needs.
Consider that only binary data is written to the disk itself. The file system is the method used to translate the information so that it can be read by the operating system (OS). This means you need to choose a file system that is supported by the OS especially if you are formatting the disk. Admittedly, this can become problematic if you are using multiple systems in your home, mixing macOS, Linux, and Windows. So, the two areas you need to focus on are portability and file-size limit.
While there is some crossover between files that work on Windows, macOS, and Linux, the only one that is compatible on all systems is the FAT32. The exFAT is also compatible with all systems, but for the Ubuntu Linux you’ll need the exFAT packages. The rest of the files are not all that compatible in terms of being ready by other systems, so you’ll need to double check before using them.
File Size Limits
While FAT32 is easy the most portable, it does suffer from file size limits that may inhibit performance. Since the FAT32 was first developed during the DOS days of computers, it suffers from having an individual size limit of under 4GB and a single volume size limit of under 8 TB. For transporting large files like videos, FAT32 is not the best. The file systems that can hold more than most commercially available drives includes the following;
Other file systems, like EXT 2, 3, and 4 hold a considerable amount of data as well. Still, if the individual files you are carrying are well under 4 GB and the total system under 8 TB, the FAT32 is easily the best if you have multiple systems. However, if you have larger individual files, then you will need to tailor it to the systems you have.
Of course, it is best if you stick to one system so you can use the file type where it is best suited. However, the exFAT may be the right one if you have multiple systems, especially if you get the package that allows it to be used on Ubuntu Linux. You will need to do a little research, but FAT32 for small files and exFAT for large ones should fit the bill.

File Corruption Recovery

Unfortunately, it is all too common for someone to record valuable videos or take photographs of events only to lose them without ever backing up the information on a PC, cloud, or other storage system. Once you have completed videotaping, photographing, or audio recording something that cannot be duplicated again, it is strongly advised that you back up the files to a reliable storage system so that if the worst should occur, they still exist in another place.
For those who have lost photos, video, and documents because of corrupted files, accidentally deleting them, or the device itself breaking down, you know the frustration of never being able to get the files back and wishing you had backed them up from the beginning. However, there is the option of hiring a data recovery service that may get your files back intact. Although there is a cost associated with having the files returned assuming that the service is successful.
Inexpensive Data Recovery Option
There is a system that allows for data recovery at home if you use a PC. Recuva from Pirirform is a free system that can recovery deleted, lost, and even corrupted or damaged files. It may not have the same recovery rate as taking your device to a professional data recovery center, but it does offer a means to attempt to recover
Recuva can be used to recover the files that may otherwise be lost from your camera, camcorder, or other device that you attach to the PC. Of course, the hard drive of your device must be able to attach to your computer through a USB or other connection. The Recuva will detect the files located inside the hard drive of the device and recover what it can. In some cases, the Recuva may identify files as “unrecoverable”, but you should proceed anyway because they files may still be retrieved by the program.
The good news about Recuva is that the software is compatible with Windows XP and above while being free to use. there is even a portable version you can keep with you on a flash drive, phone, or other device and place it on a computer quickly so that you can start the recovery process.
The most obvious tip is to create backup files for everything that you record, from documents to images, audio, video, and more. You can purchase a backup hard drive system that can hold from 1 to 4 TB and use it as your backup storage.
To have the best chances at recovering files, you should stop using the device immediately so that no further damage can take place. The more you keep writing, the greater the danger of losing the files from the hard drive, smartphone, or flash drive system. This means stopping what you are doing and replacing the drive if possible or using another device until you can recover the files with another system.
If you are still unable to recover the files using the Recuva software system, you may take your device to a professional data recovery center. They have the skill, equipment, and expertise to retrieve many files that Recuva may not be able to reach.

Freelance Photographers Nightmare

Hello, I am a freelance photographer and over the past several years I’ve managed to build up a nice business taking photos of weddings, graduations, special events, and even building up a collection of stock photographs. Over the years, I have come to rely on computers to crop, edit, and store the images that I take so they can be delivered to my customers or posted on my website.
However, while I do take some steps to back up the images that I take, there are times in which I overlook that important aspect of my work. In most cases, I transfer the photos to my camera, store them on my computer, and then erase them from my camera. I have both a cloud and flash drive to back up the photos I take but on several occasions, I have let this pass because I was in a hurry or simply not thinking about the consequences.
Not long ago, I took some photos of a graduation ceremony at a small, private school. There were not that many students, but I knew that each photo was just as priceless to their parents. I got home late, transferred the photos to my computer, erased them from my camera, and went to bed so I could start early the next morning editing what I had shot. When I awoke and tried to turn on my computer, it had crashed.
I was petrified at the thought of losing these priceless, irreplaceable photographs, not to mention what the reaction of the parents and students was going to be. After kicking myself for not taking the necessary steps to back them up, I started searching for a computer repair shop. I made a few calls and was recommended Data Recovery 47 as the place to take my computer. I brought in the tower and was assured that they would start the work quickly given my predicament.
The result was better than I could’ve ever hoped. Data Recovery 47 not only saved all the images I had taken from the school, but all the other information on the computer as well. By the next day, I was back at work all thanks to Data Recovery 47.
First, I was blown away by the speed in which Data Recovery 47 went to work on getting back the images on my crashed computer. While I hoped they would be fast, I was expected based on experience with other computer repair shops that it would take longer than it did. The fact that they got the images I needed quickly and had them backed up as well meant that I could go back to work with confidence.
Plus, I didn’t have to pay an arm or leg for their service. In fact, I was surprised at the low rates charged considering the speed in which they had to work. While I have taken step to ensure that I back up everything I shoot first, it’s great to know that if my computer does crash again, I can take it to the experts at Data Recovery 47.

SSD versus HDD: Benefits of a Solid State Drive

If you are considering choosing hard drive disks (HDD) or solid state disks (SSD), there are important differences that you need to know before making your selection. While HDD has been around for decades and is proven technology, it does have issues that cause many to be concerned about its reliability. SSD products are newer and in some cases, may have limitations, but they also offer advantages over HDDs.
Arguably the main reason SSD systems are better compared to HDD is their enhanced durability. No moving parts means that SSDs are more impact-resistant and tend to breakdown far less compared to HDDs which have moving parts. Even moving around a computer with HDD makes it susceptible to breakdown while SSD systems are far more resilient.
The familiar noise of the HDD computers is not present in SSD systems as there are no disks or parts that move around. This makes SSD systems far better for environments where silence is desired. Plus, the whir, vibrations, and noises of HDD computers can become quite annoying even over a short period.
Solid state drives are far more compact and take up less room than HDD systems because no disk is needed. This is why their systems tend to be smaller or have room for additional storage. Tablets, Ultrabook, and the like enjoy improved operation because of having SSD instead of HDD as their primary systems.
Because SSDs do not contain any mechanical parts, they are inherently faster than HDDs which are discs that spin much like records. Not only is accessing the data from an SSD considerably faster, up to 100 times faster in some cases, the fragmentations that frequently collects on HDD systems is minimized. So, your computer boots up, transfers files, and enjoys greater bandwidth all at a far higher speed compared to HDD.
Again, because there are no mechanical or moving parts, SSD systems consume far less power than their HDD counterparts. A hard disk drive consumes so much power because it must rotate a metal platter that is magnet-coated. So, not only are SSDs more power efficient, they are also far less likely to heat up because of their power use. The reduced threat of overheating makes them safer compared to HDD systems.
However, it is true that SSD systems are more expensive, do not store as much information, and have yet to become commonplace on the market. This is because the reliance on HDD systems is still present as most of the industry still relies on that technology. However, a bigger issue may be the limited write cycles of SSD systems means it wears down over time at a faster rate compared to HDD.
All things considered, SSD systems offer considerable advantages and even the disadvantages are not that bad when you consider the amount of data being stored and written on a typical computer. For those who are looking for greater durability, low power consumption, and faster access, solid state drives are the answer.

Data Recovery Columbia PHD Student

It’s amazing how often all of us take the devices we use every day for granted. I can say that my laptop was one of them as I used it daily for school and leisure activities. I was a student at Columbia University not long ago when I was completing my PhD dissertation. It was the last major hurdle before getting my degree which represented years of work.
My trusty laptop, which had not let me down in the two years that I owned it, was storing my almost completed dissertation less than a week before I was turn it in. I woke up in the morning and turned on my laptop only to watch it freeze and conk out. I couldn’t believe what was happening as I tried to restart my laptop time and time again, only to see it crash.
When I finally realized that my laptop was not going to start up is when the cold truth hit me. My dissertation, the project that I had worked on for months, was gone. I did not think to back it up or carry it on a flash drive or on the cloud where it at least would be separate from my laptop and I could access it. As I sat stunned and staring at my crashed laptop, I knew that I had to find a way to get my dissertation back and that is where Data Recovery 47 helped.
A friend recommended Data Recovery 47, a company that had helped him a year earlier when his computer had crashed. I took my laptop to Data Recovery 47 with the hope that they could save my dissertation.
The results were even more than I could have expected. Not only was my dissertation saved, it was stored for me in a couple of different ways so I could not lose the information. Plus, my laptop was fixed as well. While it turned out to be a small issue, it was one that might’ve prevented me from turning in my dissertation on time.
I received my dissertation and laptop back the next afternoon and I was charged a reasonable fee for their services. I was most impressed by the prompt, professional way in which they addressed the issues I was facing and even offered some friendly advice on how to back up projects in the future. They were cheerful and reassuring at a time when I felt the whole world was ending.
I cannot recommend Data Recovery 47 enough for the services that they provided in getting my dissertation back. I have now graduated and look back on the experience as a positive one thanks to the courteous professionals at Data Recovery 47 who understood the situation I was facing, moved quickly to retrieve my dissertation, and even discovered the issue that was causing my laptop to crash. They are simply the best and for anyone who has their computer or laptop go down, Data Recovery 47 is the right company to call.

How to Avoid Losing Your Data

For individuals and businesses, losing data means delays, setbacks, and in some occasions facing a major crisis as critical information is no longer available. While many data recovery centers can get back the information that is lost, it is far better to avoid losing it in the first place. What follows are some simple ways to keep your data and avoid most situations where it can be lost due to a computer crash or other event.

Backing It Up

The easiest and most effective means of never losing your data is backing it up at regular times in places that are outside your main computer system. Keep in mind that cloud systems may become compromised if the server or servers crash, so have another location where your data can be safely stored and backed up regularly so that any loss is minimized.
In addition, making backing up data during the day and before you leave work into a habit means that at worst, the data loss is minimal so that your systems can be restored quickly. Even if your computers need to be replaced, the data is still present and updated so you hardly miss a beat.

Eliminate Power Surges

By using a UPS on all computers, you can prevent power surges which are one of the main reasons computers crash. Adding a UPS means that any power surge that flows through the electrical lines is cut off before it reaches your computer. You will have to restart your computer as a result, but that inconvenience far outweighs having your computer crash.

Proper Storage

The location of your computers and servers plays a strong role in whether they are susceptible to crashing. This means protecting your systems from static electricity that might damage or even erase data. Keeping your computers in a cool, dry place so that condensation does not become a factor, and having a back-up generator or even battery power so that computers can be shut down properly in case of a power outage will help prevent crashing and loss of data.

Updated Security

Use the latest anti-viral software so that your systems are protected from most outside intrusions. Computer viruses can wreck your data and make it difficult to retrieve, so protecting your computers and servers is paramount in preventing data loss.

Hard Drive Failure

While some crashes come out of the blue, many others have warning signs that the hard drive is about to crash. You can invest in software programs that detect issues with the hard drive and allows you time to prevent the problem before it can crash your computer.
Keep in mind that even if you employ every precaution, there is still the chance that you will not be able to get back your data. This is where a professional data recovery company can help in opening the system and retrieving the information that otherwise would be lost. So, keep the phone number and location of a reputable data recovery company just in case the worst should occur.

Best Data Recovery Software

The best data recovery software is one that is best suited to your computer when the hard drive crashes. The good news is that there are easy to use data recovery software available that will help in most situations. Of course, it is prudent to have backup storage systems for all your data so that you have instant access to the data and the number of a professional data recovery service in case the software does not work.
How Data Recovery Software Works
There are several ways that your computer can lose valuable data which can greatly affect your business or personal use. Unfortunately, most data loss occurs without warning or indications and often at the worst possible time. Accidents and mechanical failures are the primary reasons for data loss, although computer viruses, errors on the disk, or not disconnecting the hard drive correctly are also issues.
However, deleted files remain in the hard drive and should be recoverable using data recovery software. While backing up your data is recommended, you can still use the software to recover the lost files with a substantial rate of success. Of course, nothing replaces backing up your files as even the best recovery software is not guaranteed.
You use the software as instructed, which is on the computer if working or on another device which is connected to the computer if it has crashed. Simply follow the instructions provided by the recovery software and if successful you should have access to the files so you can transfer them to a safe location. If the computer is sound and you are just recovering files that were accidentally deleted, you can keep them on the computer.
The Best Data Recovery Software
Of the many software products that have been tested, there are three that have worked superbly in terms of their speed, efficiency, ease of use, and high recovery rate;
Data Rescue PC4
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
Ontrack Easy Recovery
All three have proven to be very good in terms of recovering the data. Their advantages are certainly worth checking out as most people can use them in case data is lost. Of the three, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard may be the best overall in terms of its recovery rate and ease of use. In addition, it offers several methods of assistance so that all your questions can be answered quickly in getting back your data.
Data Rescue PC4 is also quite good and its intuitive interface makes it easy to use. While it doesn’t have as many features as the EaseUS, it is well-suited for individuals who want to recover the files on their computers. The Ontrack Easy Recovery offers plenty of features and will even diagnose the hard drive, which means that it can assist in repair as well as recovery. However, it does not have the same high recovery rate as the EaseUS or Data Rescue.
If you are looking for the best recovery software, you should consider EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for your business. However, always backup your data and have the number of a reputable data recovery service handy just in case you are unsuccessful.

Wedding Photo Disaster

Data Recovery Success Story 3
Hello, my name is Jon Wolf and I want to tell you about my experience with Data Recovery 47. I had stored all our wedding photos on a single hard drive which proved to be a big mistake. Like many people, I kept a lot of pictures, videos, and files on a single hard drive without thinking what could happen if it crashed. Then one day, my computer did crash and I thought my wife was going to kill me!
I was working on my computer when I started to hear the hard drive failing, a faint, whining sound that told me it was going to go. Before I could begin to move the data, it crashed totally and I thought that all the images, videos, files, and other information was gone for good. At first, I didn’t know where to turn until a friend of mine recommended Data Recover 47.
My buddy told me that his company’s records were saved by Data Recovery 47, so I decided to give them a shot at getting back my wedding photos before my wife got even angrier. I called and their friendly staff told me to bring my laptop in so that they could get to work. The entire process was smooth and simple, especially the pricing which was all upfront about what they could do in getting my photos, videos, and other information back.

In just a short time, Data Recovery 47 had retrieved everything off my laptop. I was happy, but it was my wife who started laughing, not crying when she heard that everything was saved. In addition to the wedding photos, all the other information I had on the laptop was saved and I quickly had it duplicated and saved in other locations so that it wouldn’t happen again.
In addition to the fast service, low price, and full recovery of the data on my laptop, I also received excellent advice about how I could avoid having another incident like this one from happening again. While I know that even the best maintenance will not prevent all computers from crashing, making sure that the information is stored in different locations means not having to worry about whether I’ll get it back or not.

I cannot recommend the services of Data Recovery 47 enough. While much of what they do is with companies that need to have their information returned, I was impressed by how they treated me and in getting back my wedding photos. I was treated with respect and my needs were placed just as high as all the other customers I saw who were using their services.
So, if you need to have your photos, files, videos, and other information recovered from a crashed computer, laptop, or other device, Data Recover 47 is the one you should call. They made me and especially my wife happy with the results of their work and now I have the wedding photos stored in different places to prevent losing them ever again.